庆阳天富亿项目已获AAAA 级旅游景区、唐山世界园艺博览会西安园、浐灞国家湿地公园、航天基地明. 秦王世子墓遗址公园、



Xi'an giant gardening engineering planning and Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the giant Gardening) was founded in 2014.

It is a professional institution focusing on landscape planning and design, landscape engineering consulting and construction.

It has the qualification of grade B in landscape architecture. It is equipped with urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture, landscape design, environmental design, structure, water supply and drainage, electrical, HVAC and other professionals. Since its establishment, a large number of influential projects have been completed.

Master garden to not forget the early heart, ingenuity to create a "spirit of enterprise, adhere to the life for just one thing, hold high the banner of national design, based on the local community for the country.

For many years, a large number of planning and design projects have been completed by the grand master, which includes:

Qingyang Tianfu billion project has been approved by the AAAA grade scenic spot, Tangshan World Horticultural Exposition Park, Xi'an Chanba National Wetland Park, Qin Ming Tomb space base. Shizi ruins park,

The new building space portal Chanba ecological district,

West Ham District Metro Airport interchange portal Feng Jing space outstanding design projects.